Construction Plant Training (CPCS)

Construction plant training and plant safety awareness are essential elements of any business working in the construction industry.



cpcs red cardCPCS RED CARD

Trained Operator (Red) card is a two year card that is non renewable.

Available Tests


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The requirements for this card are:

  • Before you can sit any of the following tests you must make sure that you have sat your CSCS test for operators within the last two years.
  • Have basic English and maths Skills
  • Have gained Sufficient experience on the machine, we do offer tailored training to suit each individual needs to get them practical experience on the machine and up to speed with the theory.
  • Carry out any training necessary to bring you up to the standard required to enable you to pass the CPCS Technical Test, this can be delivered by one of our trainers.
  • Pass the relevant CITB Health, safety and environment test.
  • Achieve the CPCS Practical Test (within six months of the CPCS Theory Test and within two years of the CITB Health, safety and environment test).
  • Both CPCS Theory and Practical Tests are delivered by our own accredited CPCS Test Centre.

On achievement of the CPCS Practical Test, we will request the CPCS Trained Operator (Red) card on your behalf.


cpcs blue cardCPCS BLUE CARD

A five-year card which is renewable for those who have demonstrated a level of competence

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We offer the following NVQ Level 2 to gain a Blue Competent operator card:

  • L2 NVQ Diploma in controlling lifting operations – Slinger Signaller

    L2 NVQ Certificate in driving good vehicles – Articulated or Drawbar Vehicle, Motor Cycle, Rigid Vehicle, Van


  • L2 NVQ Certificate in plant operation – Compacting


  • L2 NV Diploma in plant operations – Constructing an Forming Plant


  • L2 NV Certificate in pant operations – Cranes and Specialist Lifting


  • L2 NVQ Diploma in pant operations – Cranes and Specialist Lifting


  • L2 NVQ Diploma in plant operations – Excavating Plant


  • L2 NVQ Certificate in plant operations –  Extracting


  • L2 NVQ Diploma in plant operations – Extracting Plant


  • L2 NVQ Certificate in plant operations – Laying and Distributing


  • L2 NVQ Diploma in plant operations – Laying and Distributing Plant


  • L2 NVQ Certificate in plant operations – Loading and Securing


  • L2 NVQ Certificate in plant operation – Processing


  • L2 NVQ Certificate in plat operations – Transporting Loads.


  • L2 NVQ Diploma n plant operations – Transporting Loads Plant


  • L2 NVQ Certificate in plant operations – Work Platforms.



Anyone working in the construction industry with construction plant on sites should be competent and aware of health and safety procedures. This means construction plant training for managers, supervisors and plant operatives is essential. Good construction plant training enables those involved to lower risk of injury to themselves and others and to work more safely and efficiently.

There are different ways to obtain a CPCS card, depending on whether you are a private individual or currently working for a CITB registered construction company.

The way the Construction Plant Training scheme works is not always straight forward, so it’s worth getting in touch with us first to help you decide which course to book and the type of construction plant training that’s right for you.

There are a number of card schemes including red cards and blue cards. Training needs will depend on the operator’s level of experience.

We have a variety of construction plant training courses, including courses for lifting operations, slinger and signaler, mobile crane operators, crane appointed person and lift supervisor, excavators, dumpers, 360 degree telehandlers, and more.

See our Plant Training Courses here >>

CPCS A68 Plant Driving Training – for employers, site managers & technicians on construction sites & moving plant machines around.

Level 3 and Level 6 Construction NVQ’s – Get construction NVQ training in Yorkshire by taking one of the courses offered by Calderford Training. Level 3 & Level 6 construction NVQ courses.

Contruction plant training (CPCS) in Yorkshire